We give Business relationships a Platform

We bring people together who are passionate about their tasks, ideas and visions – as managing directors,
Founders and investors, as thought leaders, doers and decision-makers.
At our club meetings they enjoy the perfect atmosphere for real relationships
and entrepreneurial initiatives: to share knowledge and experience,
to develop new ideas and to shape the future together.

Invitation to the Club Meeting:

Every Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. our EOB Club (ZOOM)
Live club meeting takes place.

You will always receive the current meeting link here.

Club Calculator

Every businesswoman or businessman has contacts, partners, suppliers, customers, you yourself are convinced of the concept of the European Open Business Club and the many possibilities. How many of your contacts do you think membership in our Business Club would be a worthwhile opportunity to build up a second mainstay.

The European Open Business Club is unique. You will receive a bonus of € 400.00 for every customer you refer
With 3 new customers, your membership and the advertising pool have paid for themselves.
If the customers you have recruited also recruit new members, you get
You for each new customer 500.00 € this number is also not limited.