FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you have registered with the European Open Business Club as an active member, you can participate in the affiliate programme of the Balux24 site and receive immediate access to the tool. Then confirm your e-mail address so that we can process your application for the Balux24 Affiliate Programme. After a successful application, you will receive access to our advertising materials. This way you can promote Balux24 immediately. Every time an EOU member refers a new customer for the Balux24 site – for example, by pointing out the many advantages of club membership and advertising opportunities – you will receive an affiliate bonus on the deposited account.

Yes, registration and participation in the Balux24 affiliate partner programme is free of charge.

You will receive a bonus of 400.00 € for each customer you recruit. With 3 new customers, your membership and the advertising pool will have paid for themselves. If the customers you recruited also recruit new members, you will receive 500.00 € for each new customer – this number is also unlimited.

You can recruit as many customers as you like. The more customers you convince of Balux24, the more money ends up in your account.

You can claim your advertising partner bonus from the first successfully recruited Balux24 customer. The payments are always made automatically every month on the 1st to 5th working day to the IBAN account you have entered.

After your application to the European Open Business Club has been checked and accepted by us, you will receive the necessary advertising material. You will receive access to your personal back office from us with the confirmation of your application.

Troubled times call for new ways! Especially self-employed people find it very difficult to generate the necessary funds to secure their livelihood. That is why we have decided on this concept. We get many new members and the members get many new customers besides the financial aspect. That is Win – Win